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ارسال گلدان رز و لیلیوم سفید

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Available to send in Tehran, Karaj, Esfahan, Shiraz, Babol, Rasht, Sari, Arak, Kermanshah, Semnan
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$ 24.95

With the most reliable online florist in Iran, you can surprise your loved ones with the wide range of flower arrangements and give love and happiness to them by sending flowers to Iran or all around the world in a meantime. Bonsai is one of our wonderful products that could get your beloved one attention.

Bonsai, translated from Japanese as “tray planting,” is a millennia-old tradition that still thrives with plant enthusiasts today. Bonsai is an art, where tree and pot form a harmonious unit with synchronized shape, texture, and color. Many different types of bonsai trees exist today. Bonsai tree care includes pruning and trimming, while others can grow more freely. With the basics of bonsai tree care that follow, you can enjoy the grace and elegance of bonsai in your home or office. These tips will help you ensure that your bonsai plant lasts, making your bonsai gift a new hobby, too!

Water and Humidity
Bonsai tree care includes proper watering. Once a week, immerse your bonsai in water until the bubbles stop reaching the surface. Doing so, assures top to bottom watering and lets the pot and soil soak up their maximum holding capacity.

Do not use too much water pressure (like a hose) as this can blast soil out of pots; be sure to get an adjustable spray nozzle to allow for different needs or simply use a watering can.

Don’t just water the soil. All parts of a bonsai plant absorb water to some degree; 35% of the water intake for a plant doesn’t involve the root system at all. Washing off the foliage is important as it keeps dust and pollutants from clogging stomata or breathing holes in the plant’s leaves.

Using the correct soil is a crucial step in bonsai tree care and ensures your bonsai stays strong and healthy. When looking for bonsai soil, you must look for two things. First, you must check that the soil you choose will retain water properly and absorb nutrients from the air around it. The second quality that you should look for in bonsai soil is drainage – if the soil retains too much moisture then the roots will be prone to rotting.

Housing your bonsai
The ideal proportions for a standard bonsai pot should be 2/3 to 3/4 as wide as the tree is high and 1/2 as deep as the tree is high. The height of the pot should be roughly the same as the diameter of the trunk; please allow for some growth before you apply the height of the pot.

All bonsai trees need light. The amount of natural or artificial light required to produce optimal results varies with each species of bonsai. If your bonsai flourishes better outdoors, pick a spot that provides six or more hours of sunlight. Indoor bonsai need two to four hours of natural light near a window or artificial light. Always check your bonsai care sheets for details on the ideal places for your bonsai to thrive.

flowers or bonsai treesas your next gift, your recipient will know your gift was sent carefully. Go an extra step and share your bonsai care knowledge with your loved one and help them with a tradition that lasts.

Terms and Conditions
For green and blooming plants, similar plants may be substituted of equal or greater value. It will be delivered in a beautiful vase.

Flower Freshness Guarantee

Golbazar, the most extensive online florist in Iran. Our florists will only select the freshest stems and will condition and prepare the flowers to ensure the maximum longevity of your gift.

The Language of Flowers

Sometimes, It’s hard to explain your feelings by words. Our specialists in flower decoration in Golbazar online florist, are the most reliable delivery service of your message in every occasion such as; wedding anniversary, birthday gift, father or Mother’s Day, Yalda night, Valentine’s day, Nowruz, girl’s day, doctor’s day, or to express your condolences. You can easily send flower to Iran or other parts of the world online, give all your emotions to your darlings without any reason.

Same Day Delivery All Over Iran & World

Same day flower delivery in Iran is available from our network of local florist partners in Iran and world. Experience the love, beauty, and freshness of our gorgeous flowers throughout the area via our same day flower delivery service, by the Golbazar, the most well-known online florist in Iran.

Flowers, The Most Memorable Gift

Fresh flowers are a popular gift for all occasions and this is nothing new. For many year’s people have been sending birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, romantic flowers, sympathy flowers, and more. Unlike many other gifts, flowers are extremely versatile and they can literally be sent for any reason. Find your favorite flower in our grand collection of floral arrangements including flower box, flower basket, flower wreath and flower bouquet alongside a special gift. Our florists will deliver flower to Iran and other parts of the world to give you the opportunity to surprise the one that you love and create an everlasting moment.

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